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Hymn 289

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1 A rose shall bloom in the lonely place,
A wild shall echo with sounds of joy;
For heav'n's own gladness its bounds shall grace,
And forms angelic their songs employ.
2 And Lebanon's cedars shall rustle their boughs,
And fan their leaves in the scented air:
And Carmel and Sharon shall pay their vows,
And shout, for the glory of God is there.
3 O, say to the fearful, Be strong of heart;
He comes in vengeance, but not for thee;
For thee he comes, his might to impart
To the trembling heart and the feeble knee.
4 The blind shall see, and the deaf shall hear,
The dumb [mute] shall raise their notes for him;
The lame shall leap like the unharmed deer,
And the thirsty shall drink of the living stream.
5 The ransomed of God shall return to him
With a chorus of joy to a gladsome lay;
No eye with a tear of grief shall be dim,
For sorrow and sighing shall flee away.

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