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Hymn 268

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1 The vision tarrieth not;
At the appointed time
It speaks, by man forgot,
God's purposes sublime.
Yea, though it tarry long,
And seemeth not to grow,
Let faith and hope be strong,
The word of God ye know.
2 That Word in Spirit-power
Before the Father's face,
Awaits the promised hour
To manifest the grace.
Ye weeping saints, rejoice;
Redemption draweth nigh ;
Soon shall his glorious voice
His mercy testify.
3 Ye watchmen of the night,
Behold the morning break!
O Zion, hail thy light!
Jerusalem, awake!
To bless his chosen land,
O'er all the earth to reign,
The Man of God's right hand,
Messiah, comes again.

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