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Hymn 254

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1. Sing, ye faithful, sing with gladness;
Wake your noblest, sweetest strain;
With the praises of your Saviour
Let this house resound again;
Him let all your music honour,
And your songs exalt his reign.
2 Lo! he tasted death for all men,
He of all mankind the Head,
Sinless One among the sinful,
Prince of Life among the dead;
So he wrought the full redemption,
And the captor captive led.
3 Now on high.yet ever with us,
From his Father's throne the Son
Rules and guides the saints he ransomed,
Till th' appointed work be doneĀ­
Till he see, renewed and perfect,
All things gathered into one.
4 Day of promised restitution!
Fruit of all his sorrows past!
When the crown of his dominions
He before the Throne shall cast,
And throughout the wide creation
God be all in all at last.

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