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Hymn 253

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1. Now, ye saints, new anthems raise,
Wake your song with gladness;
God Himself to joy and praise
Turned the Saviour's sadness:
On the day that won his crown,
Opening life's bright portal,
Jesus laid the mortal down
And put on th' immortal.
2. Never flinched our Lord from shame,
From God's chast'ning never;
Vain the Prince of this world 's aim,
Satan's best endeavour;
For by faith he saw the Land
Beautified and glorious,
Where triumphant he shall stand
With his saints victorious.
3. Up and follow, faithful men!
Press through toil and sorrow;
Spurn the night of fear, and then,
O, the glorious morrow!
Gird we boldly for the strife
With a will unbending!
Grasp we firm the promised life
That shall know no ending!

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