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Hymn 250

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1. Jesus lives! thy terrors now
Can, O Death, no more appal us.
Jesus lives! by this we know
Thou, O Grave, canst not enthral us.
2. Jesus lives! henceforth is death
But a sleep with glorious waking:
This shall calm our trembling breath
In the hour of last leave-taking.
3. Jesus lives! for us he died,
Then revived and rose to heaven;
Now in safety we abide,
Free from fear, nor tempest-driven.
4. Jesus lives! we have his pledge
Naught from us his love shall sever,
Height nor depth, nor sword's sharp edge
Tears us from his keeping ever.
5. Jesus lives! the throne to him
Over all the earth is given;
0, what joy for us to win
Life to serve this King from heaven!

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