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Hymn 230

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1. Father, we seek Thy blessing now
As round Thy feast we rest,
May we have Thy presence here with us
Who have Christ's Name confessed.
2 As now we take the broken bread,
His body giv'n for sin,
The emblem proclaims a perfect life,
God's will enshrined within.
3 The cup of cov'nant too we drink,
Rememb'ring his shed blood,
The Lamb that was slain to bring us life,
Sin's power destroyed by good.
4 These symbols speak of saving grace,
A Living Way made clear,
Of peace and of joy in fellowship,
Love's triumph over fear.
5 So, by this feast.may we enjoy
Communion full and free,
An earnest of life that is to comeĀ­
Eternal unity.

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