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Hymn 229

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1. Father of lights, all blessings flow from Thee;-
Hear, while we pray In Jesus' name, and in humility-
Our homage pay;
0let our minds rest wholly on Thy Word,
And see Thy love made living in our Lord.
2 As we lay by the world and daily care-
Let peace abound; When unto Christ our altar we repair, -
May praise resound; Thy holy name in us be glorified,
Rememb'ring him who for our healing died.
3 The emblem of his offered body now-In bread we break;
As sign of life-blood poured in holy vow-
The wine we take And in this rice his ordinance obey
Until he come with power in his great day.
4 To Thee, who brought Thy Son to morning light, -
Our songs we raise; Our saddest hours, and darkest,
shall be bright-With silent praise;
And should our work, or Thine, our hands employ,
Thy will shall be our law,
Thy love our joy.

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