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Hymn 222 (1st tune)

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1 When my love to God grows weak,
When for larger faith I seek,
Then in thought I go to thee,
Garden of Gethsemane.
2 There I walk amid the shades
While the lingering twilight fades;
See that suffering, friendless
One Weeping, praying, there alone.
3 When my love for man grows weak,
When for stronger faith I seek,
Hill of Calvary! I go
To thy scenes of pain and woe.
4 There behold his agony
Suffered on the bitter tree;
See his anguish, see his faith,
Love triumphant still in death!
5 Then to life I turn again,
Learning all the worth of pain,
Learning all the might that lies
In a full self-sacrifice.

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