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Hymn 213

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1. Son of God, our Saviour,
Once, like us, a child,
In thy whole behaviour
Meek, obedient, mild:
In thy footsteps treading,
We thy lambs would be:
Foe nor danger dreading,
We would follow thee.
2. For the varied blessings
Given us to share;
Mothers' fond caressings,
Fathers' guardian care;
For our friends and kindred,
For our daily food,
For our wanderings hindered,
For our learning good:
3. For all thou bestowest,
All thou dost withhold,
Whatsoe'er thou knowest
Best for all thy fold;
For all gifts and graces
In this world of woe,
Till the heavenly places
Of thy throne we know:
4. We as children raising
Unto thee our hearts,
In thy constant praising
Seek our duteous parts.
As thy love doth call us
From the world away,
Still, whate'er befall us,
Bless us day by day.

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