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1. Angels o'er the sleeping earth
Sang their praise at Jesus' birth.
Shepherds worshipped as he lay
Cradled in a bed of hay.
Wise men, come from east afar,
Guided to him by a star,
Bowed the holy child to greet,
Laid their treasure at his feet.
2 Pleasing God with every breath,
In the home of Nazareth,
He in grace and wisdom grew,
To his Heav'nly Father true.
Son of God, he sought to share
Joseph's constant toil and care:
O'er the simple daily round
Truth in meditation found.
3 Then aside his tools he laid,
And the gospel call obeyed:
Teacher bearing tidings glad,
Comforter of sick and sad.
As the prophets, men of old,
Spake for God and thus foretold,
Oft he fasted, prayed alone,
Ever made God's will his own.
4 Lamb of God, his life he gave
Men from power of death to save;
Life of love-beyond all priceĀ­
Jesus, perfect sacrifice;
Raised to life at God's right hand,
Waits the great divine command
Israel's kingdom to restore,
Life to bring for evermore.

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