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Hymn 181

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1. God's word alive and active,
Proclaimed throughout the years,
Still comforts us in hardship,
And calms our hidden fears;
This word of hope and freedom
Sustains us every day,
And helps us walk with patience
The strait and narrow way.
2. God's word alive and active
To all is offered free;
It opens hearts to love Him,
It helps the blind to see;
It feeds the soul that hungers,
Gives drink to those who thirst,
Bestows the richest blessings
On all who put God first.
3. God's word alive and active
Is centred in our Lord;
In him we have assurance
All things shall be restored.
His servants pray and long for
The day of his return,
His righteous ways all people
On earth shall see and learn.

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