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Hymn 169

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Though by sorrows overtaken, Lord,
Thy servants seem forsaken,
Thy Almighty hand, we know,
Blendeth love with all our woe.
2 Over earth, and over ocean,
Claiming mortal man's devotion,
Round the living and the dead, Lord,
Thy boundless love is shed.
3 All to death in this world hasteth;
Riches vanish, beauty wasteth­
Yet within Thy servant's breast
Love is an undying guest.
4 Love will banish pain and anguish,
Comfort wounded hearts that languish;
Pour on them its golden wealth,
Bless them with its heavenly health.
5 Love will bring salvation's morning,
Save the meek, avenge all scorning;
Let Thy love chase night away,
Pour on us the light of day.

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