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Hymn 156

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1 My God, my Father, make me strong,
When tasks of life seem hard and long,
To greet them with this triumph-song :
Thy will be done.
2 Draw from my timid eyes the veil,
To show, where earthly forces fail,
Thy power and love must still prevail,
Thy will be done.
3 With confident and humble mind,
Freedom in service I would find,
Praying through every toil assigned,
Thy will be done.
4 Things deemed impossible I dare,
Thine is the call and Thine the care;
Thy wisdom shall the way prepare;
Thy will be done.
5 Thine is the power around me now,
Faithful I stand in will and vow;
I conquer-yet not I, but Thou;
Thy will be done.

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