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Hymn 155

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1. I Lord, who Thyself hast bidden us to pray
For daily bread,
We ask Thee but for grace and strength this day
Our path to tread.
2 Not for tomorrow, its uncharted road,
Shall be our prayer;
Sufficient for each day our daily load,
Thy daily care.
3 Thine is the burden of the coming years;
Their weal or woe,
Their joys and griefs, their laughter and their tears
We would not know.
4 We could not bear to hear complete the tale,
If it were told;
Enough to know Thy mercies cannot fail,
Nor love grow cold.
5 So day by day Thy never-failing love
Our soul shall stay;
So let us be content Thy love to prove,
Each passing day.

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