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Hymn 150

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Lord, impart to us Thy wisdom,
Zeal and strength and courage too;
Let Thy grace and help be near us,
In all things whate'er we do.
May Thy blessing, May Thy blessing
Keep our every action true,

Keep our every action true.
2 Be Thou, Lord, our strong salvation,
As through life we onward go;
Thus to hear the Gospel message,
And its saving power to know.
Christ our Saviour, Christ our Saviour,
Help us,Lord,in him to grow,
Help us,Lord, in him to grow.
3 When Thy Kingdom is established
And Thy Son we there shall see,
May we find a place of blessing
And with him for ever be:
Hymns of praises, Hymns of praises
We will ever sing to Thee,
We will ever sing to Thee.

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