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Hymn 91

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I High over lashing waves our God is throned:
Proud billows bide their wrath at His command.
Lofty as hills, roll on your restive might:
Fling, seas,in thunder 'gainst the granite height:
Yet shall you lie like glass beneath His hand.

2 Thrones,realms, dominions,flaunt their fleeting day:
Base men arise, and fall to long decay:
Tumultuous peoples roar like ocean tide:
Nations in rage the suffering earth divide:
Yet all unknown He rules their ceaseless fray.

3 His day shall dawn,His golden beam content
Those limpid waters'depth, their fury spent.
Like sun in bounty, healing,blessing, free,
Love's gaze shall fathom all the silent sea,
And joy glow back through all His firmament.


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