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Hymn 72

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Psalm 148
Hallelujah!Yahweh's name
From the heavens aloud proclaim!
In the heights of glory raise
Shouts of triumph to His praise.
All His angels,praise your King;
All His hosts with gladness sing;
Sun and moon and stars of light
In your Maker's praise unite.

2 Heaven of heav'ns! ye clouds that move
O'er the heavens,declare His love;
God commanded, forth ye came!
Evermore extol His name,
And ye shall for ever be
Sure and firm in His decree!
Who can change His sov'reign word?
Heav'ns and earth, extol your Lord.

3 Tow'ring cedars, fruitful trees,
Bear His name on ev'ry breeze!
Cattle,birds,and creeping things;
All ye nations,princes,kings!
Ev'ry ruler,ev'ry one-
Aged, youthful, sire and son,
Maids and children-voices raise
In your great Creator's praise!

4 Hallelujah!Yahweh's name,
Let all earth and heav'n acclaim.
God exalted is alone,
God! extolled by ev'ry one;
Glory, earth and heav'n above;
Yahweh is the God of love!
He His people's horn doth raise;
Join all voices in His praise!


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