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Hymn 69

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Psalm 145
1 0Lord, Thou art my God and King,
Thee will I magnify and praise;
I will Thee bless,and gladly sing
Unto Thy holy name always.

2 Each day I rise I will Thee bless,
And praise Thy name time without end:
Much to be praised, and great God is;
His greatness none can comprehend.

3 Each generation shall extol,
Thy works to those of latter days,
Thy glorious honour I will tell,
Thy majesty,Thy mighty ways.

4 Thy wondrous works I will record:
By men the might shall be extolled
Of all Thy dreadful acts, O Lord,
And I Thy greatness will unfold.

5 They utter shall abundantly
The mem'ry of Thy goodness great;
And shall sing praises cheerfully
Whilst they Thy righteousness relate.


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