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Hymn 54

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Psalm 106
Give praise and thanks unto the Lord,
For bountiful is He;
His tender mercy doth endure
Unto eternity.

2 God's mighty works who can express,
Or show forth all His praise?
Blessed are they that judgement keep,
And justly do always.

3 Remember me, Lord, with that love
Which Thou to Thine dost bear;
With Thy salvation, 0my God,
To visit me draw near:

4 That I Thy chosen's good may see,
And in their joy rejoice;
And may with Thine inheritance
Exult with cheerful voice.

5 Blessed be Jehovah, Israel's God,
To all eternity
Let all the people say,'Amen', P
raise to the Lord give ye.


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