Antipas - My Faithful Witness Revelations 2:19
And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment; That ye may approve things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ. {Philippians 1:9-10}

A Little History of the Antipas Site

Today, we've become so accustomed to computers and electronic media, that few people recognize what an accomplishment the Antipas site was. The original Antipas site was lovingly compiled by Brother Julio and Sister Kim Scaramastro, at a time when the Internet was in its infancy. Before Christadelphian writings were in any electronic format, they were among the first to make the pioneer writings available on-line. Books were disassembled, scanned page by page, put through optical character recognition, proof read, posted to web pages and then the books were diligently rebound. This site represents hours and hours of man power. Their simple goal was to have the writings of the pioneer brethren, hymns, bible readings, and exhortations available for all Christadelphians

Neither Julio or Kim ever dreamed that the Internet could become world-wide, nor did they ever expect the site to be of interest to anyone but Christadelphians. Imagine 30 years ago telling either one of them, that people everywhere around the world would be accessing the Internet from their cell phone. They were not with us to see the information age explode into the global phenomenon it is today. They are asleep, awaiting the return of our Lord and Master. Julio and Kim intended for this site to continue to stand as witness to the Truth, as contained in the Scriptures, taught by the Apostles, and expounded upon by the pioneer Christadelphians until our Lord's return and beyond.

It was Brother Dennis and Sister Marie Davis that continued to add to and edit Antipas. Marie filled her days with putting together the hymns, and organizing the site. Dennis worked to answer questions, write articles and make corrections to the site. Together they were able to add the books, articles and hymns on here today. Both Dennis and Marie worked tirelessly on the site with the hope of improving and sharing the gospel message with anyone who would listen. Dennis and Marie fell asleep in the Lord and Antipas was passed on to me, their daughter, Sister Rachel. Having very large footprints to fill I am doing all I can to redesign the site for better accessibility while adding as many Christadelphian works to Antipas as I can. It is my hope to have a full library and music section online and available to any one who is searching for the Truth. 

If you have any suggestions or additions please contact me. Lord willing, I will continue to maintain and improve this site. 

Antipas My Faithful Witness Revelations 2:19
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